A Static Standstill

by Second GO!

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released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Second GO! Scottsdale, Arizona

Ian Chesnut
Coltin Anderson
Devon Sherwood
~Bass/Back Vocals
Jade Lara


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Track Name: Wondering Why
Frustrated, nowhere to turn
Instant satisfaction but I'm always getting burned by all the things I think I have to be
But I acknowledge my lack of complacency
I can't stay still
It brings me to my knees

I've never been anything other than a failure
so winning just doesn't feel right
I’m like all of my loose change
that I put in a cup and safely stored away
In that, it's gaining worth a little at a time
and it’ll help me out when I am in a bind
Although I'm a teapot always full of steam
I wanna help my friends to live out all our dreams

"But I know me and my lack of motivation
Discouraging, what's happening? This doesn't feel right"

I pressured myself into sitting through my strife
Got angry at everything so fuck this desert life
It seems I'm catching myself in some sort of 22
Trying to feel real like I'm supposed to

Catastrophe, is my strategy
But my mindset is progressively
Changing for the better, never ever say never
Do the things that help you sleep and the hungrier you'll be

I'm still skipping class more than I think I should
Laziness derives from being taught to be that way
And now I’m caught in Bret's Sharpshooter all year long
and now I'm passing out like Stone Cold
no longer trying to escape from me

(from me) from this
I'm accepting this shit to try and fly far from my past
Track Name: My Life as Kraft Macaroni
Boiling over, filled my kitchen with smoke
Try'd to do things I always do, feels like home in my white shoes
Did I forget? No muscle memory
I'm spacing out like macaroni spilling all on my floor
I'm twisted up inside, I'm feeling like I can't take any more

But I'm not the only one who's frequently here alone
Thinking "when's it's gonna end and why do I always pretend
that I'm having good time even though I know I'm not?"
I should just go home and die inside
that's the way I wanna spend my night

Sacrifice to emphasize a feeling
And it's 'cause I'm too choked up to breathe
from experiencing no relief
Did I forget? No muscle memory
My idiosyncratic ways of fighting through another day
It's just a stupid blurry photo, it didn't matter anyway

It's self inflicted so it seems, a burden meant for one to keep
No restless searching
all I've found is downward thinking to pillow bound
(and I’ve been asking myself)

If I'm not the only one who's frequently here alone
Thinking "when's it's gonna end and why do I always pretend
that I'm having good time even though I know I'm not?"
I should just go home and die inside
that's the way I wanna spend my night
(the way I wanna spend my night)
Track Name: Biding Time
Come with me on an adventure
of screen burned eyes and a bit of liquor
If anything I'm doing seems to bother you in any way
I'm sorry, I'm just torn this way
You won't listen anyway
Do the holes in my door make me crazy?
In these modern times I'm teetering desperately
For a sign that these things will be alright
In the end my bones won't bend
they just break under the pressure
from all my thoughts about her

And I can't get a grip on anything around me
Today's the day I quit

I think I'll stay inside
And overthink but I'm just biding time
And waiting for someone to call

I hate these late nights writing songs about how I'm alone
I can’t keep up, I always freeze up
I'm gaining too much weight from swallowing all my words
Just give me a second to bottle up my courage

Some things I cannot fix

I hope you will understand why I’m taking so long
I hate the anxiety, it’s caused everything I’ve done wrong (x2)

I’m just a frustrated fuck up
Track Name: One Shot Wednesday
I was never ready and I can’t keep steady
singing all these songs about being down
That's not how i always am, even though it's how it seems
Life's not really that bad, it’s only in my dreams
I'm swinging for the fences and I'm never giving up
Even though it's getting hard and I've almost had enough
I'll get right back up on my own two feet
This is glamorous defeat

I'm asking for some answers
Suggesting that the best of me is tested
My life’s an offsides call when matters most
Just when I think I've won
Another rainy day parade
I'm asking for some answers
to try and find a way out of this place

I'm stuck at home watching tv, feeling like a joke
Like how I didn’t get the job so now I'm staying broke
But it’s chill because I didn’t really sweat it that much
and that’s odd since it’s the summer and the heat here sucks

When I walked into the street this morning I saw a skylight I'd never seen
It's at the end of the block where all the trees and the trailers used to be
But that old man lost his property, or maybe he just died
Whatever the case, I’m sorry man but things are always changin'
Track Name: Somber
When I'm awake, I stare at my bedroom ceiling
I think of all the feelings, and can't fall back asleep
And every time I try to look away
from the shadows in my bedroom
I try to turn over and forget
But I won’t forget

I guess it's something I'll have to deal with
Like anything else it's what makes me imperfect

With everything moving along in line
I seem to get cut every time
I know I'll turn out just fine
I just doubt the sun will shine
I fall asleep just fine every night
But wake up with visitors
My pillow can't protect me tonight
From realizing I'm their creator

Come quickly, I can’t breathe
I found myself on the floor again
Speak softly, I can’t see
them at my desk plotting their revenge on my closet door
And I can’t forget

I can't stay asleep (x8)
(Come quickly, I can’t breathe)

I can't stay asleep (x2)
so I guess I’ll just dream.