Second GO! Demo

by Second GO!

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Our first 5 song demo written and recorded by Second GO!


released January 30, 2016

Recorded at Nut House Studios



all rights reserved


Second GO! Scottsdale, Arizona

Ian Chesnut
Coltin Anderson
Devon Sherwood
~Bass/Back Vocals
Jade Lara


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Track Name: Aquatic Land Mines
Do I stay or do I go? Finish in front or start below. Burning bridges never seemed like such a good idea. Why does it cause me so much stress? When my heart and my head both say yes.

Is this black hole imprisoning me? It's sucking me in, and it won't let go!
Can we go back to the way things were? Being here is pointless. It makes me wonder.

Is it all just a dream or is it all make believe? Grinding hours, little power, memories that taste sour. Looking up and looking down, weighs on me pound for pound. All I do is hope. All I know is

I'll be just fine. Don't worry about me. I'll be right behind all of you in questioning if
Track Name: Obnoxious Rocket
I'm fluent in the art of screwing it all up. Sacred thoughts and child's lies. Teenage angst and stuff. I'm kinda like a firework, short lived and colorful. You're like an obnoxious rocket, you're loud and out of this world.

I only dream of the stars at night. When I dream of you there's no fight.

Obnoxious Rocket take us far away to another planet where we can stay. Never have to leave no matter what they say. I hope for that obnoxious rocket some day.

Optimism takes a stand, it does it everyday. Conversations with myself, convincing me to stay. Love, you're all I got these days but I'm pretty cool with that. You're like an obnoxious rocket, you're loud and out of this world.
Track Name: Just Burn What's Left
Douse the flames with gasoline cause theres nothing else left. It's creeping up my arm, and igniting my chest. Never finding hope. You read all of my notes. You threw them all away. No good reason to stay.

Burning greatness into ashes. Leave only black and doubt. I can't imagine leaving without ending what is left.

I'm the one who lit the match but you're the one who threw it. I'll let the flames engulf me too in my misery of you. Started falling the moment I met you, and now I'm about to hit the floor

The stress you left changed me. I'll never know who I was before you and me. If I could go back and restart everything, I'd change for the better and then I'd sing.

(Whoa) How could this happen to me? (Whoa) I held on so desperately. (Whoa) Today you're still on my mind. I locked the door but you still found a key
Track Name: Ungrateful He Stands, Ungracious He Falls
Sometimes in a dire straight, you turn left just to be okay for them. You make choices and over blow the situation to you don't even know. Bulldozing the forest of friendship and the ones you love so A king in his castle but a kingdom to rule on his own.

I'm trying to be alright, I'm trying to be all there. I always put up a fight and I know that it isn't fair. Start first just to finish last. Build walls and I'm wearing masks. This isn't the way I was and this wasn't the way I am. My eyes hurt an my mind's a buzz and don't worry just because

I wanna make one thing clear, it's not you it's my constant piercing fear. That isn't an excuse for all the abuse I put you through. I can't say it will be alright and maybe we should sleep on it tonight. But I think that the future's bright because I know the sun will rise
Track Name: Miss Yesterday
(Fuck, what song are we playing? oh ok.)

I always wanted what I couldn't have, and now that I realize that I can't go back. I look back on the girl I used to know. She never had the dignity to let me go. And to this day I still feel the same when

This high school feeling in my chest has me wondering where the hell you've been. I'll keep on drinking till the end. There's nothing you can do to undo what you did.

Stories that can't be retold. I'll just live in yesterday till I can let go. Missed opportunities spark untold stories that frankly scare me. And to this day I still feel the same when

And I won't roll over again and show my weakness. Just let me go, there's no more to say, The past is where you will stay.
(Let's go!)